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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Junior Mint!

This is my Junior Mint! 
Isn't she a DOLL!? She started her Junior year yesterday,
and it went very smoothly. Even the whole lunch table thing worked
out JUST FINE. I must admit though it's difficult for me that things aren't 
as sentimental as they once were. I mean I'm a Mother of a 16 year old
with no other children, so I am typically sleeping now when she gets up 
and off for school. And her first day was no different. I felt guilty about it 
for like a second, because she rushed off anyway, 
"Bye Mommy, I love you, have a good day...."
and then she was gone! 
Usually we'd have breakfast together, and I'd take a few pictures, 
but things change I tell ya. And that isn't necessarily a bad thing--even though I've been feeling like it is.
It's just as simple as times change.
She is changing. 
Traditions change. 
Yes we made cinnamon rolls every morning the first day of school
since she was 4, but I guess it's different now.
Her boyfriend is picking her up and dropping her off and she's not
fussing over the" first day of school outfit". 
So I'll embrace these changes. I'll appreciate the new ones.
I'm thankful that she's a 16 year old that still shares how her day was with me, and that
she kisses me good bye every morning. 
I will choose to treasure that even though the other things missing are a loss for me.
I'm glad I have that choice.


  1. gosh, i love those quotes in the sidebar of your blog!

    hmmm. especially the "perfect your child; rather, your relationship"... so good.

  2. It is sweet to see how much you love your daughter :) so sweet!

  3. love reading stuff like this... not enough parents cherish every moment!

  4. This is so sweet! I teared up a bit, actually.

    After reading your blog a bit, I find that I have similar ideas as you. My husband and I are waiting 2 more years before we start a family, but I have a very firm idea of what sort of outlook I want to have with parenting and I feel like it falls in line with yours.

    I've gone and read a few more posts and I just adore this blog! Thank you for sharing such sweet moments!

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