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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Guest Post from Melissa!

Melissa from Blog Content Guild is Guest Posting today and I'm really honored that she is!
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Tips for Hosting Your Teen’s Birthday Party

You may recall when he or she was just a kid—all the birthday streamers, pointy hats, and goodie bags. If you want to save your teen from embarrassment, you’ll have to do away with the types of decorations you bought when they were little. Some traditions associated with birthday parties can stay. For example, if they like video games, they might like the idea of incorporating a few Mario Bros party supplies into the mix. Just don’t go overboard. And remember that some traditions should go. Keep reading for tips on how to make your teen’s party a memorable one.
  1. Do Away with Old Party Décor

Ask your teen if they want a theme for their party. They will likely say no, but if they say yes, they may be referring to costumes. Decorations that come in party packs are “kid stuff,” so let them decide whether they want costumes or any specific type of decoration. Keep in mind that teenagers are fonder of decisions than surprises. They may want the interior of where the party is being hosted to look a certain way, or they may just want it to look neutral. Ask your teen for insight before setting plans in stone.

  1. Food is Always a Plus

One thing that is undeniable about teenagers is that they’re always hungry. Their metabolisms are working overtime! Ask your teen if they want pizza, chips, cake, or other snacks. Not only will food satisfy hungry friends, but it can also serve as a conversation piece or icebreaker during potentially awkward moments. A good way to keep things interesting is to keep food coming in waves. Start out with snacks, and then move to a more substantial meal, and then to dessert. That way they’ll have different foods to look forward to throughout the evening.

  1. Let Your Teen Create the Guest List

You may feel compelled to invite the neighbor’s teens or other teens you know. However, your teen may have a certain guest list in mind. He or she could be teased if certain people outside the normal social circle are invited. And, hold your breath—your teen may ask if you can “leave.” Doing so is not intended to hurt your feelings, but he/she is growing up and may want the opportunity to be an individual and socialize without your guidance. Of course, this decision is up to you, but your teen is likely reaching an age where privacy is important.

Asking your teen about his/her party preferences is an essential part of the planning. If the both of you work together, the party will be a success!


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